Drama Club

Vision of the Club:

  • College has a pivotal role in finding out the inborn artistic talents among students and nurturing to its fullness.

Mission of club:

  • The activities are delivered in a fun and informal style, allowing them to grow in confidence, improving on speech, body language and social skills.


  • To develop overall personality of students.
  • It tries to inculcate and sustain the social and national values along with development of various dramatic skills among students.
  • This cell provides platform where students can showcase their multi-faceted potentials.
  • To find out students’ talents in acting, direction, scriptwriting, etc.



Sr. No. Designation Name Contact No. Mail ID
1 Chairman Dr. Laxmikant B. Borse 9158886004 principal@sandippharmacy.org
2 Faculty Advisor Mrs.Kishori Ahire 9881490028 Kishori.ahire@sandippharmacy.org
3 Faculty Advisor Ms. Akshada Kale 9890753018 Akshada.kale@sandippharmacy.org
4 Student Coordinator-1 Rishi Hire 7040514886 rishihiresips@sandippharmacy.org
5 Student Coordinator-2 Pallavi Jadhav


7219128254 pallavijadhavsips@sandippharmacy.org

Expected outcomes and benefits to students/institute:

  • It helps to builds confidence.
  • Students will develop creativity, empathy and concentration.
  • It improves verbal and non-verbal communication skills.
  • Drama encourages teamwork and collaboration in students.

Action Plan of the Club for one year:

To organize the seminar/workshop based on various related activities to drama.

Collaboration/ Interfacing of Club with industry/ Association/ Professional Body:

Collaboration with Natak Katta, Nasik