Library Committee

Sr. No. Name Designation Mobile No
1 Dr. Laxmikant B. Borse, Principal Chairman 9158886004
2 Mr.Ganesh Wani, Librarian Secretary 9970128232
3 Mr. Shankar Yelmame , Assistant Professor Member 7038723247
4 Miss. Sakshi Chaudhari, Lecturer Member 9404047018
5 Mr. Dattatray Bhalerao, Assistant Librarian Member 9284756984
5 Mr. Kartik Sonawane , Student Member 7020247256
6 Miss. Prajakta V. Gaikwad, Student Member 9881952732

Library Committee had been constituted for the purpose of smooth functioning of the library and coordination with Head of the Department, faculty members, students and the management.

The major functions of the Library Committee:

  • To formulate various policies related to library like, collection development, purchase, space etc.
  • To propose library budget for the Institutes and department
  • To propose library activities, program and services
  • To propose library vision, strategy document
  • To propose library and information literacy in the institute
  • To formulate knowledge and information archiving and management policy at the institute.