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(The International Affairs Cell at Sandip Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SIPS)plays a pivotal role in cultivating a globally enriched educational experience. With partnerships established with over three international universities, the focus on academic mobility and scientific research cooperation ensures a comprehensive engagement with global partners. The institution’s commitment to diversity is evident in collaborations with universities from Lithuania, Belarus, Moscow, and Malaysia, providing students exposure to varied cultures and research environments. Professional tie-ups with renowned universities signify a strategic approach extending beyond academic exchanges to joint research projects and collaborative initiatives. The proactive support for international events underscores a commitment to knowledge exchange on a global scale. Offering valuable opportunities such as Summer School Training abroad and staff/student exchanges, SIPS contributes not only to enriched learning experiences but also to the development of a global perspective. The ongoing nature of collaborations with universities like Vilnius University of Health Sciences, Synergy University, Lincoln University College, and Yanka Kupala State University of Gordon, University of Putra demonstrates a sustained commitment to global partnerships and educational excellence.

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Dr. Sreya Kosanam,
Co-ordinator, SIPS
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MOU Between Sandip Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (SIPS) &  International Universities

S.N. Name of International University Link
1 University of Putra, Malaysia Click Here
2 Yanka Kupala University of Gordon, Belarus Click Here
3 Synergy University, Moscow Click Here
4 Lincoln University College, Malaysia Click Here
5 Vilnius University of Health Sciences, Lithuania Click Here