Music Club

Vision of the Club:

  • Our mission is to deliver access to the benefits of high-quality music education. Through intensive instruction and performance, our students achieve excellence in music that transfers to other areas in life. They grow musically, socially, emotionally and intellectually, and develop a foundation of responsibility, self-esteem, resilience and purpose.
  • Our music curriculum aims to provide all students with a high-quality music education which engages and inspires them to develop a life-long love of music, increases their self-confidence, creativity, and imagination, and provides opportunities for self-expression and a sense of personal achievement

Mission of Club:

  • The students will develop an ability to listen to, and appreciate a wide variety of music, including different styles, periods and cultures.
  • The students will have opportunities to explore and express ideas and feelings about music, in a variety offlays.
  • The students envision a society where all have access to the unique social, emotional, intellectual benefits achieved through musical excellence.
  • To believe music is transformative and empowers the lives of youth, families and communities.


  • To engage musically talented/experienced students in club’s activities.
  • To maintain the progress in their musical skills throughout the academic years.
  • Music education involves a high level of memorization.


Sr. No. Designation Name Contact No. Mail ID
1 Chairman Dr. Laxmikant B. Borse 9158886004
2 Faculty Advisor Mrs. Karuna Kadlag 7303175020
3 Student Coordinator-1 Tejaswi Shinde 9699527371
4 Student Coordinator-2 Mangesh Mali 9307855940

Expected outcomes and benefits to students/institute:

  • Students will able to apply their knowledge practically
  • Students will able explore and express ideas and feelings about music, in a variety of ways.

Action Plan of the Club for one year:

  • We plan our music, referencing the national curriculum, approach to learning and incorporate accessible schemes of learning via Charanga, ensuring where possible, that topics link and extend students prior learning. While there are opportunities for students of all abilities to develop their skills and