Photography Club

Vision of the Club:

  • To provide a supportive environment for interested photography students to share their creativity, knowledge and passion for photography.

Mission of club:

  • To motivate the students to improve their photography skills.
  • Create a repository of exclusive pictures shot by the members for Educational & Research purpose.
  • Arrange outdoor sessions so students can directly implement a few skills or tips given.
  • Photographs of maximum events in our college are captured and shared by the club.
  • Conduct frequent inter/intra college photography contests.


  • Present topics for inspiration, education, motivation, and the artistry of photography.
  • Promote photographic competitions.
  • Promote the club and its members through the public display of photography.
  • Provide photographic instruction and mentoring.
  • Strive to have fun with photography.


Sr. No. Designation Name Contact No. Mail ID
1 Chairman Dr. Laxmikant B. Borse 9158886004
2 Faculty Advisor Mr. Jeetu N Lulla 8308505219
3 Faculty Advisor Mr. Sagar Khokale 8888280568
4 Student Coordinator-1 Nikhil Aher 7058955223
5 Student Coordinator-2 Krishna Swarge 8766493568
6 Student Cordinator-3 Ajinkya Thakare 8308467751

 Fund Raising Strategies:

  • From Institute
  • From Aluminize

Expected outcomes and benefits to students/institute:

  • Students will able to apply their photography skills.
  • Coverage of various events within the institute & participation in external competitions.

Action Plan of the Club for one year:

  • Organize workshops.
  • Arrange competition

Collaboration/ Interfacing of Club with industry/ Association/ Professional Body