Women Empowerment Club

Vision of the Club:

To develop empowered women living with dignity and there is equality of opportunity for women and men in access to education and health care and free from violence and discrimination.

Mission of the Club:

  • To address gender inequality issues through presentations and symposiums, as well as to bring change through community service.
  • To promote a greater understanding of gender and femininity among both men and women and to raise awareness of the steps that everyone can take to support the feminist movement.


  • To organize entertaining & educational activities for development of women.
  • Raising awareness about women rights.
  • Engagement and skills initiative aimed at fostering confidence, leadership skills amongst young women through educational and creative activities


Sr. No. Designation Name Contact No. Mail Id
1 Chairman Dr. Laxmikant B. Borse 9158886004 principal@sandippharmacy.org
2 Faculty Advisor Dr. Swati Talele 9850165808 Swati.talele@sandippharmacy.org
3 Faculty Advisor Ms. Sakshi Chaudhari 9404047018 Sakshi.chaudhari@sandippharmacy.org
4 Student Coordinator-1 Pratiksha Barke 9325986354 pratikshabarkesips@sandippharmacy.org
5 Student Coordinator-2 Sayali Mengar 9699008105 sayalimengersips@sandippharmacy.org

Fund Raising Strategies:

  • From Institute
  • From NGO
  • Maharashtra state commission of women.

Expected outcomes and benefits to students/institute:

  • Self motivation and confidence should induce for girls and faculty members.
  • Adapted to the daily practice of doing yoga or any exercise for physical fitness hence escalating mental strength.
  • Examined a person’s inner thoughts and behavior in society as it actually occurs.

Action Plan of the Club for one year:

  • Organized seminar/lecture/quiz/debates.
  • Sharing about successful women entrepreneurs.

Collaboration/ Interfacing of Club with industry/ Association/ Professional Body:

  • Collaboration with NGO.
  • Collaboration with training centers those who are given training to women entrepreneur.
  • Collaboration with primary health care center.