ICT Tools

Teaching-learning process-ICT

It’s a rising trend where the education has outgrown the physical constraints of classrooms and acquired mobility. SIPS’S entire campus is provided with Wi-Fi facility. Classrooms are equipped with LCD systems. Students have accessibility to use catalogues which includes Bibliography, E – Journals, E – Books, E- Databases. In addition to chalk and talk method of teaching, the faculty members are using the ICT enabled learning tools such as PPT, Video clippings, Audiosystem, online sources, to expose the students for advanced knowledge and practical learning. Most of the faculty use interactive methods for teaching. The major emphasis is on classroom interaction in terms of research presentations, seminars, debates, group discussions, assignments, quiz/tests/viva and laboratory work. Teachers use various ICT tools for conducting workshops on latest methods such a simulations etc. Recording of video lectures is made available to students for long term Learning and future referencing. Student’s are also counselled with the help of Google meet applications.. SIPS is equipped with digital library, online search engines which helps the students and faculties for their overall development.